Ricky and Jessica

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How we met

Ricky and Jessica met while attending a Greek life event for Ricky’s fraternity. A friend introduced the two while at dinner and invited Ricky to sit at their table as he didn’t have a date that evening. While they hit off at dinner the two didn’t immediately date. They became close friends, attending one another’s sorority or fraternity functions, studying for classes, and hanging out. After several years of friendship Ricky and Jessica began dating in 2011 and have been together ever since.

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how they asked

Ricky is incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Several years ago I had mentioned that I’d love to have a photographer capture our proposal, whenever that was. I just love the pure joy on people’s faces when they get engaged. It’s something you can’t recreate. His family happened to be in town, honestly it wasn’t planned, so it was the perfect excuse for us to go to Maymont and show them some “Richmond things.”

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Funny enough, I liked our photographer’s (who I didn’t know was our photographer) shirt and Ricky suggested I tell her so. So of course I did. We chatted for a few and she asked if we would mind letting her take a few test shots of us because she was waiting on an engagement couple who was running late. This whole conversation was a set up by Ricky the day before with the photographer. As we were taking a few pictures Ricky started to adjust his shirt.

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He then pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee. I was completely surprised and overjoyed. Once I finally stopped talking Ricky said, “will you marry me?” I couldn’t say anything other than “Yes!”

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Special Thanks

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