Sara and Rick

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Rick and I had been dating for two and a half years, we met at an event for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston where he runs a music program. Our engagement happened on Monday December 7th, 2015. Rick and I had planned on eating dinner at our favorite Mexican Restaurant Jose’s. We made the plan a couple weeks in advance because Rick was getting out of work early that day and usually he works late hours. We have been eating at this restaurant for our entire relationship sometimes for special ocassions but also regularly enough that I was not suspicious. We order our usual food and finish our meals. I made a joke to Rick that he couldn’t pop the question because my nail polish came off my pointer finger on my left hand. He laughed and I followed up by saying “Just kidding, I’d say yes to you anyway.” I thought we were just joking around but he got serious and asked if I would really say yes. He got down on one knee, pulled my dream ring out of his pocket and told me that I was his best friend and he would be the luckiest man if I would spend my life with him. He asked if I would marry him and I said YES! He arrainged for a professional photographer to capture the moment. Afterwards we decided to go to my parents house which is very close to the restaurant to tell them the news. When I walked in the door I was shocked to see all of our close friends and family there to celebrate our engagement with us. There was so much love in that room that I could not stop crying the entire night. I still tear up when I think about it. He thought of everything and we have photographs of the whole night to look back on. We now look forward to our wedding on 7.1.17!

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Special Thanks

Thuy Pham
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
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