Rick and Heather

How We Met

Heather and I met online and we agreed to meet at The Festival of Arts, in Laguna Beach, where I exhibit my art during the Summer. Heather was living in Camarillo, so she had a bit of a drive to get to Laguna Beach. She called me to let me know she was parking so I went out front to greet her. She waved to me from across the street as she approached the crosswalk at Laguna Canyon Road. Just as she stepped into the crosswalk the light turned yellow and she began running towards me. I ran into the street, as the light was turning red. In the middle of the 4 lane highway, I grabbed her hand and we sprinted to safety. What an amazing way to meet the girl of my dreams. We walked down to the beach, had a lovely dinner, enjoyed great conversation, watched the Pageant of the Masters. We said goodnight and agreed to continue our date the next day. The next morning I picked her up at her Air B&B. The continuation of our date was amazing as we spent the entire day together and 3 weeks later Heather and I moved in together.

How They Asked

As a professional filmmaker and drone pilot, I felt it was important to record my proposal for posterity and to share with friends and family. I decided that I would propose to Heather on Valentines’ Day 2020. I worked with a fellow exhibitor/jeweler from the Festival of Arts who designed a beautiful ring for me. So with the ring in my pocket, I suggested to Heather that we should go to the beach to watch the sunset. I brought my drone as I often do to film the sunset/beach. The tide was low so we walked out on the rocks to look at the tide pools. It was a beautiful day in Laguna Beach and everything was going to plan.

I set up the drone and launched it into the air as Heather was enjoying the tide pools. I composed my shot and pushed the record to start filming. I flew the drone out over the water and then directly towards Heather and I. When the drone’s camera framed us up perfectly I set the remote controller down and pulled out the ring from my pocket. As I went down on one knee Heather was facing out to the ocean. I tapped her on the back and as she turned around I said ” Heather, will you marry me” She was totally surprised and “She said yes”. That night Heather and I edited the footage added some music and posted it on Facebook. We had such a fantastic response to my proposal film I decided to build a website to offer my service to others. You can visit the site here.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Rick Graves
 | Videographer