Richel and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met in high school. Initially, we had become friends. There were times where we had some moments together but nothing really developed until a couple of months later. I guess the timing wasn’t right for the both us of then.

We started officially dating on January 22, 2007! Our friendship was- and continues to be- the foundation for our relationship.

how they asked

December 1st, 2015 was the day after my birthday. Michael told me he wanted to take me out for dinner, as he usually does. I told him it was okay and that we didn’t need to since he was pretty sick the week before. But Michael was persistent and eventually, he won.
During the entire dinner Michael was just acting SO weird. He was nervous and rushing through the meal. He didn’t even eat his calamari for goodness sakes, and he LOVES the calamari at the restaurant we were at. I knew something was up but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

After dinner, Michael took me to see the house that his family had recently bought. As I opened the garage door to the back yard of the house, I was greeted with rose pedals, our four closest friends and the porch that was beautifully decorated with string lights, flowers and candles! Michael walked me to the porch and I saw tons of our pictures strung on the wall and candles on the floor that said “marry me?”. We had talked about this moment every since we were teenagers and I was shocked that it was happening. In that moment, all I kept thinking about was how amazed I was that this boy that I had met in high school had become the man of my dreams.

I’ll never forget his nervous smile when he got down on one knee and the joy I felt that Michael and I got to share this special moment with our closest friends.

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Special Thanks

Alanna Milaney
 | Photographer