Richard and Macie's Paris Proposal

How We Met

Richard went to a club one night and spotted Macie on the dance floor. He says he felt like someone punched him the stomach when he first laid eyes on her. Macie laughs that she wasn’t sure why this guy was staring at her all night, but in the end, all Richard had to do was come talk to her. She agreed to go out with him, and the rest is history.

Richard Macie in Paris - 12

how they asked

Richard planned to pop the question in front of the Eiffel Tower and have Flytographer capture their souvenir. When the couple were in position on the bridge, he arranged to have photographer Krystal Kenney approach them. Krystal told them she was doing a project on love and asked if she could photograph them. Richard apparently protested, saying they were late for dinner, but Macie responded they had time to do it. After the first couple of poses, Richard then dropped to one knee and proposed. Richard said, “My hand was shaking so much I thought I would drop the ring in the Seine!” Macie of course said yes, and followed it up with the most fierce embrace we have ever seen! After the proposal and more photos, the couple sipped champagne and watched the sparkling lights of the city, and then enjoyed dinner at an amazing restaurant, recommended by photographer Krystal.

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