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How We Met

Rick and I grew up in the same town and went to the same school, so we had always known each other in some way. In 2010, our Junior year of High School, we started dating and had no idea where it would lead us. At 16, a lot of people tell you that your first real relationship won’t be the one that lasts forever and that a lot changes in college and over time. But we knew that we were in it for the long haul. After graduating high school, we decided to go away to the same college 5 hours away from home. This had its good and bad moments, but after two years, I decided that I wanted to go home and commute to a different school. For two years, we dated long distance and only saw each other every few weeks. It was so hard to go from seeing each other every day for 4 years to once a month, but we made it work somehow! After we both graduated college in 2016, we moved in together and began a new chapter of our life.

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Walt Disney World has always been a special place for the both of us. We have both been many times as children with our families and made wonderful memories. My first time back as a teenager was with Rick and his family in 2012 and it reminded me how much I loved visiting there. Visiting Disney together was something so special and I knew that we needed to go back for a vacation just the two of us! We went after our college graduation in 2016 for our first big vaca together alone and it was wonderful, but we were still just dating. After 7 years together, we were ready for the next phase of our life. I planned our best trip yet over the course of a year for November 2017. After months of counting down and planning, we were finally at Walt Disney World. Our second day there, we went to Magic Kingdom an hour before the park opened. We nervously waited to go down Main Street USA and were hopeful that we could ride all our favorite rides before the big crowds came in.

We stopped at a PhotoPass photographer to get a few photos in front of the castle and that is when Rick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! After 7 years together and many thoughts about this moment, I was in shock! It was the moment that I had dreamed of my whole life with the love of my life and it was absolutely perfect! It was such a surreal moment and I am so grateful that we have pictures of our proposal! From that moment on, our trip was more magical than we could’ve ever imagined. So many guests and cast members were so kind to us and shared their congratulations. It was the most perfect week! This is just the beginning of our new adventure together and we couldn’t be any happier!

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