Emily and Richard

How We Met

Not very romantic but we met via Tinder. I remember he asked if i wanted to go and get a drink but my surgery that i had doesn’t allow me to drink alcohol so he said, “how about some orange juice?” I couldn’t help but laugh as no one ever offered to buy me a glass of oj before. We met a few days later when i brought him to a business meeting which we left early and drove around getting to know eachother.

how they asked

we had our little boy in february of 2016 and we had just put him down to sleep and i was exhausted and layed down myself. A few minutes later he comes in and says, “close your eyes” me being me thought he was going to prank me by putting a spider in my hand or something along those lines, so i kept opening them saying, “dont put a spider on me it wont end well for you” to which he laughed and said, “trust me” so i closed my eyes again and he put a box in my hand and i opened my eyes and there it was, the most gorgeous ring I have seen and i look up at him with tears in my eyes and ask, “really?” he smiles at me with tears brimming his eyes and nods, “will you marry me?” at this point i am a blubbering mess and just nod very excitedly as he puts the ring on my finger. BONUS he waited until i had my nails done. He is a keeper for sure.