Richard and Nicholas

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How We Met

We met here in Nashville five years ago. I was in medical school at Vanderbilt at the time and he was an undergraduate at Vanderbilt. We laugh that we met at the gym – both because it sounds like a cliché but also because Nicholas goes to the gym and works out maybe a total of three times a year! At the time I was in charge of the medical school’s “gay-straight alliance” known as “LGBT, M.D.” and that day I was wearing a t-shirt with that name on it which we had made to promote support for the group. This prompted him to come up and ask me if I was in the medical school, how I liked it, etc, as he was a pre-med major at the time and also interested in applying to medical school. We exchanged numbers after I told him to text me if he had any other questions about medical school and the application process. Once we were texting, he is the one who asked me out to dinner as an actual date.

how they asked

We both love the outdoors and have traveled all over the world together so for a long time I had imagined proposing during one of our trips, particularly while on a hike somewhere beautiful that we had never been before since we both enjoy exploring new places. Our next trip was to the Pacific Northwest and we each took turns planning different parts of the vacation. I was in charge of planning a long day hike that we wanted to do while in Seattle. After researching various options, I came across Lake Colchuck in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness as part of ‘The Enchantments’ and immediately knew this was the spot I wanted to propose.

We needed to leave Seattle by 4:30am in order to get the timing right with the photographer. Nick is not a morning person so he kept trying to push back the time to let us sleep in and couldn’t understand by unwillingness to budge on our start time. After a grueling 2.5h hike up the mountain, we finally reached Lake Colchuck. Words or pictures cannot describe the beauty of this place. We both stood there admiring and taking in the breathtaking views. It was at this point I told Nick that I could not believe how fast five years had gone by, how much we have experienced and gone through together in that time and how I could not have imagined spending those years with anyone else. I got down on one knee and told him I’d like to spend the rest of my life with him and asked if he would marry me.

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