Lindsay and Rich

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How We Met

Rich and I met back in 2009 at Salve Regina University. I had been hanging out with a mutual friend one night, when Rich showed up to help him with homework. Throughout the night we got to talking and realized we actually lived in the same dorm! We casually hung out for the next few months before both realizing that this was the person we wanted to be with (we discovered later that we both knew that we loved each other on the same night, but neither of us said anything until months later when I was studying abroad in Italy!). The rest, they say, is history.

how they asked

While we were in college, for our 1st anniversary, I sent Rich on a scavenger hunt around our campus to various places we’d been together, with the final clue being in a new spot where I was waiting for him. When he got to me I had a lock with our initials all set up to be attached to a special place on Newport’s Cliff Walk (an idea I fell in love with while in Cinque Terre in Italy, the birthplace of the lovelock) that from that day forward was “our spot”. Track ahead 6 more years and we were back visiting Newport and strolling through the fog and cold of the Cliff Walk. We found our way to our spot and we sat there for about an hour. He had gotten all quiet and affectionate and I just knew something was up. He then stood me up and held my hands real tight and told me how he loved me. He then got down on one knee and opened up a box with the most stunning ring inside and asked me if I would be his punk (inside nickname) for always. Through tears and smiles I eagerly said yes! A few weeks later, Rich’s sister, who is an AMAZING photographer, came to visit and took some beautiful pictures for us.

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Special Thanks

Raychel Brightman
 | Photographer