Ricci and Shane

How We Met

We first met about two years ago in the springtime through the college we would both be attending in the fall. I was making a trip down from Michigan to Virginia to visit the campus and Shane only lived an hour away so he decided he would make a visit and surprise me. Although we had been talking for a couple weeks on FaceTime, this was the first time we actually met in person. We hit it off immediately and officially started dating that day.

While the beginning few months of our relationship was long distance, it made the time we had together so much more appreciated. We were able to really get to know each other because all we could do was talk on the phone; but, we were both counting down the days until the fall where we would be together every day during the school year!

how they asked

Because I was too far, I wasn’t able to go home for spring break, so my parents had planned to come visit us the week that we got back to school. They couldn’t go a whole semester without seeing me ;) My sweet boyfriend had other plans for their visit. My mom and I were “headed up to the Monogram to take a picture of the campus for my sister”. This is one of the first places we had gone together. When we got to the top, I noticed Shane’s sister and one of our friends with big grins on their faces. They handed me a letter from Shane that explained a little bit of what was going on. I was going to have to solve clues and complete different tasks throughout some of our favorite spots that would eventually lead me to him at the end.

When I finally figured out all of the clues, I got to the final destination, the Ski Lodge on campus, Shane had decorated the entire upstairs with pictures of us and cute love quotes from our favorite TV show.

As I was reading the signs and looking at all of the pictures, I felt him come up behind me. We talked for a few moments and he asked me if I had a good day so far.

He then got serious and began to say so many sweet things about how much he loves me and can’t wait to spend forever together. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee, and asking me to be his wife!

Of course I said YES!

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