Ricci and Jess

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How We Met

We actually worked together! It would have been January 2011 at EE, or Orange as it was then. I’d just taken over the shop Jess was working in when she was a Christmas temp. I came in as the new store manager, and she was so, so difficult to work with!! You just can’t tell her what to do…you needed a lot of reverse psychology with Jess.

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We worked together about a year and a half but then I got promoted, and I went off to run other stores. Then a few months later we met up again, and we realized that it was meant to be. It was a catch up as friends, and we were there looking at each other, like ok… this feels a bit different. It was a mutual thing.

How They Asked

I just knew it was time to propose, it felt right. More importantly, I wanted to decide a special way to do it. I’d had a look around at some ideas, and I knew I wanted something different but not too cheesy. I like romantic gestures.

Then, I found Club Mob’s website and saw their singing proposals with The Tailors. They can personalize lyrics, make it bespoke for each couple – it sounded absolutely perfect. Jess and I both love Motown and Soul music, it’s something we share, and this meant I could include that. I also remembered that one of the first dates we went on was a cinema trip to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Three of the songs I asked The Tailors to sing for us were from that film. A perfect link back to when we first started dating. I really like that lyrics in songs can be everything you want to say to someone!

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I knew the proposal had to be where we met in Bournemouth, so I found the restaurant on the seafront where we’d been to for our first date years before. We had help from the restaurant so that one of The Tailors singers was our waitress! Jess was just enjoying the moment watching the singers near our table. More and more singers came from different directions, and it built up from there, it was so special. It was only when they started singing about how we met that Jess realized it was for her. The reaction we got from Jess was exactly what I wanted. Do you know what she said to me? Even at that moment, she didn’t know it was a proposal. I know I do like being romantic but this was next level!

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It wasn’t until our daughter Elsie came out with the ring that she even realized it was a proposal! I love the fact that Elsie was involved in it – she loved sharing the moment with us. The plan was for Elsie to join in with the singing but excitement totally overwhelmed her! Her favorite movie is the Lion King so The Tailors put together a little extra performance afterward, just for her, which was amazing. People always ask how I proposed, and it’s great to be able to say we can show them the video rather than explain. The video now has over half a million views on YouTube!!!

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