Ricardo and Vanessa's Snowy Proposal

How We Met

Ricardo and I are high school sweethearts! We were both born and raised in Mexico City until I came to Colorado Springs in 2013 for grad school. We meet when we were 14 years old in my first school day in that high school and Ricardo gave me a tour of the facilities. We soon became friends and a couple of months after that our friendship turned into something more. I still remember the first time he asked me to be his girlfriend, we were so young! Our fist date was on Valentines Day and went with all our friends to the movies. Form that moment on we have grown and shared many memories. With some on and off´s, now we have been together for 6 years in a row, but I can say that every moment since I meet that boy has been part of a great love story! The boy of my dreams quickly turned out to be the man of my dreams.

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how they asked

It was a cold winter day, I had presented my last exam of the semester that morning. Ricardo had planned everything with my friend from Andorra, Alba. We had planned a girls getaway and she was picking me up to go to a nice spa to have our nails done. She specifically told me to dress nicely as we were going to celebrate that the semester was over. When we arrived to the Garden of The Gods spa, I told her this was my favorite view, as you can see Garden of The Gods and all snowed Pikes Peak behind it. We got to the garden and I saw Ricardo standing at the end of the lake. My head started spinning around and all I could think was what is he doing here?!

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I walk towards him, which Ricardo describes as the slowest walk ever, and we hugged! I ask him what was he doing here and he says: “You have made me the happiest person in the world since we meet, now I want to try to make the same for you the rest of my life… Do you want to marry me?” He gets down on one knee and opens the ring box! I cannot believe it! I start crying and screaming YES! YES! and he stands up and puts the ring in my finger.

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He had a bottle of red wine (my favorite) waiting for us to celebrate! It was THE perfect moment: I was engaged with the love of my life, the view, the snow and the deer walking around! Next morning we flew to Mexico City together and all our family and fiends were waiting for us at our engagement party… I was still dreaming and I still am…

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