Rhiannon and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met 9 years ago, when I was in 8th grade and he was in 10th grade. He walked into Baja Fresh with his best friend, where I was eating after school with my best friend. He asked me if you could have my side of Spanish rice. I said, “No.” He left, and I ended up giving the rice to his best friend. Justin gave me a lot of sass for it, but sass turned into joking around, and joking around turned into flirting. We dated “on-and-off” you could say. Long story short, a friendship turned into something more. We started dating 8 years ago, when I was in 9th grade and he was in 11th grade. The rest is history.

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how they asked

We went on a trip abroad after we both graduated college. Justin was going to spend a month in England with his mom, while I was going to Africa and Europe with my mom and my sister. We all flew out to England together, where we “dropped off” Justin and continued on to Africa. After spending a few nights in Africa, we flew back to England to spend a couple nights in London with Justin. Then, my mom, my sister, and I flew to Ireland, then to Italy, and finally, to Amsterdam. When I got to Amsterdam, Justin told me that he, his mom, and his step-dad were going to go camping for a couple nights, so I wouldn’t be able to reach him while he was gone (i.e., there would be no wifi, and since we were abroad, we needed wifi to keep in touch.) Little did I know, this “camping trip” was really a train ride that he, his mom, and his step-dad were taking from England to Amsterdam.

So, after about a day and a half of not being able to contact Justin, it was now my second night in Amsterdam, August 1, 2016. My mom, my sister and I had scheduled a 3-hour private dinner cruise through the canals, set to leave at 7:00 PM. After riding around for 2 hours, the boat stopped to pick up dessert. For whatever reason, I was looking up at a wrought iron arch next to the side of the boat, which made me completely oblivious to the fact that Justin was standing with his mom and step-dad, waiting to get on at the front of the boat.

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The boat tied off, and Justin walked down the stairs, through the indoor seating area, and was standing at the end of the table, directly in front of me before I finally noticed that he was there. I gasped, put my hands over my mouth, and started crying. Keep in mind, I was just crying because I was so happy to see him and shocked that he was in Amsterdam at all. He came and sat next to me, we hugged, and he pulled the ring out of his pocket. I was so overwhelmed that I looked down at the box in his hand, stared at it, and still didn’t process what was going on until he opened it and I actually saw the ring. I threw my head back, cried harder, and eventually collected myself enough to say yes.