Rhiannon and Elijah

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In Florida at my dads house.

How We Met

It was the first day of a new semester at my small college. I went to grab lunch in the cafe with some of my girl friends, we were just chit chatting and goofing around. One of them asked me “So Rhiannon, do you see any boys that catch your eye?” I hated the small school drama, so I told her “no.” But as lunch went on there was someone who caught my eye. Across the cafe there was a tall man, the most handsome I had ever seen. I pointed him out to my friend and she offered to introduce us. But omg how embarrassing would that be? So I declined and went about my day. As the first few weeks of the semester went by I would see the mystery guy, he played basketball at school. He was soft spoken and shy from the interactions I saw, being that our school was so small. Right before the add/drop deadline for classes hit, I went to my advisor to add a second major. Criminal justice.

So I had to transfer into several classes that I previously wasn’t in. The next day I went to my new class, American Criminal Courts. Guess who was in there? Yep. The tall hunky basketball player! The first day I was too shy to sit by him. But the second class I made my move ( asked if he wanted to share my laptop with me for a class presentation haha). The class was filled with laughter and inside jokes. Oh! And I found out his name is Elijah. The next day I saw him in-front of the cafe. I was expecting him to just wave, but instead he came up to me, gave me a hug, and we sat down to talk for nearly an hour. As the weeks went by we were just friends, even though I was totally crushing on him. It took him awhile to put two and two together, but when he did, we became (in my opinion) the greatest love story ever told. Elijah was my first boyfriend, my first love, and now my guaranteed forever.

how they asked

This was the first Thanksgiving that Elijah and I had spent together. The first one, he was traveling for college basketball, and the second he was living in Indiana. Thanksgiving is anything but traditional in my family, the day is spent with bouncing from one family’s house to the next (many children from split households understand that.) Elijah was prepared for the fun and the chaos! We had a lovely day full of eating and laughter with my mothers side of the family when we returned to my fathers house to prepare for Black Friday shopping madnesses. I was resting when I received a phone call from my mother (who I had just seen 30 mins prior) saying that she forgot to give me something to give to my dad, and she was going to swing by his house to drop it off. I was the least bit suspicious because although they aren’t together, they get along very well.

When she arrived she told me that she had a gift for me, and she couldn’t wait until Christmas. So she went to her car and cane towards me with something behind her back. Elijah played it cool, he asked her “what is it?” And “do I get a gift too?” In a playful manner. My mom then says close your eyes. So as I close my eyes I feel a large box be placed in my hands, I open my eyes and look into an empty box. Confused I look at my parents, then I look to the left at Elijah and he is on one knee! I don’t know if he even got the question out before I started exclaiming “yes!! yes!! yes!!” I was so happy! It was instrumental to my fiancé to have both of my parents there, and that is one of the thousands of reasons why I’m in love with him. My dad then popped open a bottle of champagne and we celebrated. It is a moment I wouldn’t trade for the world.