Rhianna and Devin

How We Met

Devin and I met freshman year of high school and we’ve been best friends ever since. Although we never dated during those four years, we created a bond that has continued to last and evolve over the past 12 years. We’ve had our disagreements and arguments, but our friendship has been the foundation of our relationship and it has stood the test of time. I can only hope that our relationship will continue to flourish in this new chapter in our lives.

how they asked

The moment Devin asked me to marry him, I knew it couldn’t be more perfect. It finally made sense how I had “won” a couples photoshoot with my favorite photographer in town, Kristen Weaver. Devin and Kristen had orchestrated for me to submit my name into a “drawing” for a couples photoshoot. After arriving to the beautiful destination, I was so excited to have professional photos of Devin and I. I never expected that the photoshoot would quickly turn into a planned proposal and authentic engagement photos! Although the moment will always be in my mind and heart, the photos will always be there to reflect upon one of the most beautiful occasions of my life!

Image 1 of Rhianna and Devin

Image 2 of Rhianna and Devin

Special Thanks

Kristen Weaver
 | Photography
Justin DeMutiis Photography
 | Ring Photographer