Rhianna and Casey

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How We Met

We met during my freshman year of cross-country in high school! He was a junior and as a result, I wasn’t really aware of who he was even though we grew up in small-town Iowa. Eventually, he got up the courage to ask one of my friends for my phone number because he was too nervous to ask me for it myself! So funny. We ended up texting all the time and I was eventually allowed to hang out with a boy alone and we went on our first true date to the movie Planet 51.

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See the pictures of us as awkward high school kids :)

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how they asked

Every year, my grandmother hosts family Christmas the Saturday after Christmas. My family is huge and is such an important part of my life. This past year, I received a special present from my uncle Carl to open in front of everyone. Inside this present were small items that were of important significance in mine and Casey’s relationship. Cross country ornament for how we first met. Planet 51 from our first date. Prom queen sash for all four proms that we went to together. A picture from Tirrill Park in Manchester, IA where he had the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend. Kirkwood and Luther gear for our college educations. A stuffed husky pup for our two wonderful furbabies. Germany and Ghana flags for our study abroad experiences.

Posted by Rhianna MacDonald on Sunday, December 31, 2017

And an Arizona plate for our big move across the country to finally live together while I pursue graduate education. There was a sweet letter hidden in this box as well. As I finish reading this letter, I hear someone say “do you like it?” I respond yes without even realizing it is Casey surprising me at my grandmother’s house. You see he wasn’t able to get time off of work and as a result, I flew home alone for Christmas with my family. or at least this is what I thought. If the shock of him walking in was not enough, Casey then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Through the tears, I nodded my head yes and eventually was able to speak the words out loud.

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