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How We Met

We actually noticed each other 3 years before we even decided to actually introduce ourselves to one another. We enrolled in the same college, San Francisco State University, as freshmen in 2012. We noticed each other within the first few weeks, we saw each other in a passing glance and immediately felt an attraction. But that was all there was to it. We lived separate lives for three years. Then in November 2015, in what seemed to be a coincidental occurrence, we noticed each other again. This time, we both decided to actually take our time and get to know one another. Our first meeting was at SFSU Library, although it seems silly now, we were extremely nervous talking to each other. However, the feelings of nervousness quickly went away when we realized that we shared a connection that could only be experienced once in a lifetime. Funny as it may sound, my fiancé actually told his family that he “met the girl he was going to marry” the same week we met. In fact, after just two weeks into our relationship, we started talking about marriage and children. Everyone thought we were insane. At first, we did too. But in just two years, we moved in together, graduated together, started our careers together and now we are building our whole lives together starting with our commitment to marriage. As for how we realized we were each other’s soulmates, all we can say is, “when you know, you know”.

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how they asked

The proposal happened on a rooftop, in the city where we met and fell in love: San Francisco. There was an aisle made of roses with white picket fences on each end. There were beautiful pictures framed in gold. There were big bright letters that spelled “MARRY ME”. But what made it special was that our closest friends and family were all present to share the moment with us. My fiancé worked together with my friends and family to make our engagement special. There was a lot of laughter and much more tears shared that day, because love and happiness surrounded everyone who was present. It was the perfect proposal, because it was between two people who found perfection within each other. It was the start of our happily ever after.

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