Best Travel-Themed Marriage Proposal

Peter took me for a weekend to Cambridge and booked an amazing penthouse suite for us in an incredible hotel. At the time I just thought he was spoiling me.

We went out during the day to have a look around Cambridge when something strange started to happen. Random people in the street started handing me paper airplanes made out of vintage maps – I must have been handed about 30!

Travel-Themed Marriage Proposal

Travel-Themed Marriage Proposal

The , when we returned to our hotel, the receptionist handed me another plane, there were three more in the lift and 10 more leading down the corridor and to our room!

As I opened the door to our hotel room I could see the entire place had been transformed whilst we had been away. There were photos of the two of us on our travels (we love to travel!) handing from the ceiling, a world globe and vintage suitcases were displayed around the room, world maps were on the walls and sign posts to places we want to visit were fastened to our four poster bed.

The room looked incredible.

Travel-Themed Proposal 7

Travel Proposal 10

Passport Proposal 2

Peter then told me to look on the table and there was a pink passport on it.

Travel-Themed Proposal 4

Passport Proposal

It has been completely tailored to us – instead of the usual boring passport information it has details about when Peter first knew he loved me and how we met. The passport also had stamps with memories of all of the places we have visited around the world.

Travel-Themed Proposal 6

But there was one part of the passport that intrigued me. A note told me to look inside the passport holder……what was inside? The most gorgeous engagement ring ever!

Travel-Themed Proposal 8

She said yes _ proposal

The Proposal was arranged by The Proposers – they are a fab proposal planning company based in the UK but who arrange proposals worldwide. I was so impressed that Peter contacted the experts to help with our proposal as it showed how important it was to him to make it completely perfect for me…which it was.