Rhea and Kartik

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How We Met

We met through a suggestion from a mutual friend. We organized a date at a local bar (which remains my favourite bar till now!) and within the first glance at him, my first thought was ‘he is so handsome!’ We instantly hit it off and ended up talking and laughing away till 6 am the next morning. We even saw the sunrise at a local park (as the bar had kicked us out!). From that night onwards – we knew that this was to be the start of something special. The icing on the cake is that we both share the same birthday! I truly believe that I have found my soulmate.

How They Asked

My fiancé was very sneaky! Kartik roped in my two closest cousins to organize a fake birthday dinner for my cousin’s husband. They went to the length of creating a fake WhatsApp group with her husband’s friends included and asked the group members to actively messaging details and RSVP’s on it. It seemed so real to me! The ‘birthday dinner’ was in the blue mountains, at a lovely resort called Fairmont Resort. Kartik asked me to drive to the venue as he wanted to nap on the way there.

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I thought this was very normal as I love driving and would always prefer to drive. I however didn’t know, that this is when Kartik would be secretly messaging and organizing the last-minute coordination. When we reached the venue, we went directly to the restaurant asking for the reservation under my cousin’s name. We were then led to supposedly the ‘restaurant’, but instead, we started walking outside to the back of the resort! I knew then that this is not a birthday dinner. I instantly was mesmerized by the beautiful picnic set up, full of roses, aesthetic cushions, champagne, a grazing platter, and a lovely ‘will you marry me’ sign!

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Kartik and I started making our way towards the setup, all while I was full of overwhelming happiness. He then popped the big question! And of course, I said yes!

Then my family and his family came out of nowhere to further surprise me! Kartik had actually organized for them to come and wish us just after he had proposed. He knows how important and special family is to me. and I could not have asked for a better proposal and experience!

Image 4 of Rhea and Kartik

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