Rhea and Harsh

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How We Met

Harsh and I met online on Hinge on August 6th, 2019! He responded to a question I had on my profile about which infinity stone he would pick if he had the choice. We talked online for about two weeks before we met in person. He picked me up for our first date at around 5:30 pm and didn’t go home until almost 2 am! We talked every minute of the day and I knew on our 3rd date that he was my person! After he asked me to be his girlfriend, he introduced me to his closest friends, and while we were out, one of his friends told me that he had never seen Harsh happier. Hearing this, seeing him interact with my family, and experiencing the way his family embraced me gave me all of the reassurance I needed.

Our favorite thing to do together is travel – we’re both students so money is tight, but we’ve always found ways to make it work :) I’ve attached some photos of the places we’ve seen together!

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How They Asked

My mom was visiting me from California when Harsh told me that one of our good friends was going to propose to his girlfriend! He told me it was going to be in Washington DC at one of the monuments, and our friend group was going to be there to surprise her afterward. I was really excited and arranged for my mom to spend the day with my aunt while Harsh and I attended our friends’ proposal!

A couple of days before the proposal happened, my sister surprised me by flying into town too! I was still totally clueless. The morning of the proposal, my mom and sister left to hang out with my aunt and uncle, and Harsh and I drove out to DC. He said the proposal was going to take place at the Jefferson Memorial and we were supposed to meet the photographer there before our friends arrived.

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There was a TON of traffic because the cherry blossom trees had bloomed early, so people were crowding all around the monument to see them! We were the first to arrive and Harsh said everyone else was stuck in traffic. His friend who was “proposing” called and told us to meet with the photographer and decide where the proposal should specifically take place, due to the crowd. Harsh found the photographer (he was in on everything), and he pretended to walk around with us as we looked for the best place for our friend to propose.

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A couple of years ago, Harsh took me to DC and we took a photo by the water in front of the Jefferson Memorial (I’ve attached the original photo!!). He walked me down to where we had taken that photo and asked me to turn my back and pose, claiming that it would look aesthetic (this photo is attached too!). When I turned back around he was on his knee. I was totally shocked!

It happened to be super cold that day, and it snowed, hailed, and rained in the span of one hour. Right when Harsh proposed though, the sun came out. It was perfect!

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Afterward, he took me to dinner at one of our favorite spots in Georgetown, where our families were waiting for us! Harsh and my mom had arranged a whole fancy dinner – one of my best friends from NYC even came down and surprised me! The best part was that the cherry blossom trees never bloom so early, and they happened to bloom the same weekend our proposal took place. The pictures came out amazing.

It was the best day ever. We are having our engagement party on August 6th, 2022, exactly 3 years after we first started talking :)

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