Rhayssa and Andreas

how we met

Andreas and I first met at one of Montreal’s best restaurants, where he works, and I actually met him with my family. We’d gone to do a family photoshoot for christmas three years ago, and I met him on that day. He made an impression on me, and on my parents that very first day. A couple of months later, I saw him again. I must confess I went back to the restaurant hoping I’d see him, but at the same time not expecting to since I knew nothing about his schedule or if he even worked there anymore. And there he was, working that night that I’d gone back and we just clicked right away from that day forward. I later found out that in the seven years he had worked at the restaurant, he had only replaced to work on that day twice before, and that he was actually 6th on the list to be called in to replace that day, and he almost didn’t. if you ask me, seems like it was all meant to be.

how they asked


A week or so prior to the proposal, my little sister asked me to be her muse for an extra curricular photography photo shop she took for school. I agreed to model for her and didn’t think abything of it since my parents regularly sign her up to different activities, and as I always ask her to model for/assist me in my boutique’s photoshoots.
On the morning of December 5th, Andreas kissed me on the forehead as I slept in, went to get into his work clothes in the bathroom and left the house for as he does every Saturday for work.
I, on the other hand, woke up and got dressed for my sister’s shoot- went over to my parent’s house, and off we went, all together to the photoraphy studio where my sister was supposed to learn ‘intro to photography’.
When we arrived at the photography loft, Ashley(our actual engagement photographer), greeted us and engaged in conversation right away, stating that the previous student was a little experimental and had brought rose petals for his photographs. She asked me if I was okay with leaving them on the ground and if we could begin my sister’s lesson since each kid only had 30 minutes of a time slot to learn the basics and take some shots of their respective models.
Ashley has me sit on a stool facing the big window in the loft for lighting purposes. She then has me practice my breathing in and out while she snaps away at me and then, she asks me to shut my eyes for a moment and to think of my “happy place”; things, people, places that make me happy for it helps in easing the tension  in my muscles. I do this, and when she asks me to open my eyes. There he was. On his knees, saying some things that lead to the big question, “will you make my life, and marry me baby? “. At the moment, everything around me stopped. I couldn’t hear anything or anyone. I somehow found the strength in my weak knees to immediately get myself up and hug him for so long that I completely forgot to put on my ring!
He thought of absolutely everything, it was perfect. From making sure one of my sister’s friends call her before we’d left the house to pretend to be talking about how the photography session had gone for her to wearing a different jacket I’d never seen before so I wouldn’t recognize his as I hung mine on the coat rack in the loft. And of course, he made sure I had a reason to doll myself up and got a great photographer to capture the most important moment of my life. Everything a girl can ask for! I’ve truly lucked out with this man! As for my sister and my parents, I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have had them play such an inportant part in an important day!

Special Thanks

Ashley Macphee