Reyna and Neil

how we met

I first saw Neil with two black Labradors as his profile picture on His sweet eyes and smile caught my attention right away. I also noticed we shared a lot in common and he seemed to have all the qualities I was looking for in a partner. I did not hesitate to message him right away. We set up our first date at East End Grill, where we were both nervous, yet excited to meet. After this, Neil took me out to impressive dates and was quite the gentleman.

how they asked

Neil took me to Chicago for my Christmas present in 2017. We first went to Adler Planetarium then we were going to go Ice Skating, but it was negative wind chills outside, so we did not do that. Neil wanted to propose to me by pretending to fall and get back up on one knee, but this did not happen. Instead we visited the Navy Pier, and Lincoln Park to see the Christmas lights. He asked me if we wanted to ask a stranger to take our photo under some lights, but I hesitated trusting a stranger with our phone. Neil not being able to think of when would be the most perfect moment to surprise me, he then asked where else I wanted to go, and I said Macy’s. Neil then ordered an Uber and instead of Macy’s, it took us the Navy Pier and that’s when I was started to get suspicious. I had not idea that he was planning on proposing before this. As we tried to get into the Navy Pier through the main building, the staff said it was now closed. Neil, then decided to walk around the building into the deck outside, where we were completely alone on the Navy Pier. Once we walked under some pretty Edison lights with Chicago in view, Neil gave me a speech about how much I meant to him, and then he got on one knee, showed me a beautiful ring, and asked me to marry him. I was ecstatic, laughing and tearing up at the same time. Then Neil had to remind me to take off my glove to put on the ring.

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