Rex and Carmelisse

How We Met

We are high school sweethearts. I saw her for the first time at a mutual friend’s party running around and knew right there and then that she was crazy. Yet we met and she talked on AIM nonstop. We went to one high school dance and she wasn’t too impressed. We continued to slide into each other’s AIMs and she agreed to go to another high school dance with me. I decided to call and ask about her feet after the second dance and the rest was history. I asked her to be my girlfriend! Less than a year into our relationship and she had to move to Las Vegas with her family. I knew then that it was time we broke up. Jk! Our relationship was always built on strong and open communication and that would never change. I told her breaking up would not be an option and 11 years of long distance later we moved in together and have been loving every minute of finally being with each other.

how they asked

Rex and I always had a love for travel, and so last August, we decided to use all our travel points we accumulated through the years on a backpacking trip to Europe. We both have never been and had always dreamt of visiting the country of Romance, Italy. We were in Venice the day that Rex proposed. While everything about the planning on Rex’s end sounds romantic, I must say, the execution was not as smooth as he might’ve thought. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about how he proposed and I didn’t care about it going perfectly. Our story is the epitome of our relationship. We’re not perfect, but our love is definitely one of a kind, colorful, and honest.

I could tell our story over and over again because it cracks me up. Just how he can always find a way to make me laugh at any moment. On the day that Rex was planning to ask the big question, he insisted that we have a “ nice” night. So he looks over to me, while I’m wearing a comfortable romper, no makeup, and hair undone, and asks, “Is that what you’re going to wear tonight?”.

Let me tell you a little bit about Rex. He is one of the most loving, patient, accepting, and down-to-earth guys out there. I might be biased, but I can assure you that there are at least 100 people that can vouch for that. So him caring about my appearance is out of the ordinary. I replied self-consciously, “Yes this is what I’m wearing tonight, why?” “You should wear something nicer, put on makeup, and do your hair”, he said. I immediately felt something was off because he’s usually telling me I don’t need makeup and usually supports my fashion choices. But within a couple minutes, okay maybe seconds, it hit me. “Could he possibly pop the question tonight?” That was my first big clue.

Rex had planned a romantic gondola ride through the Venice Canals that night. As we were headed out the door, I can hear him breathing heavily with a look of panic on his face. He looks around and double checks that he has everything, while I’m waiting, I’m holding the door and looking at him amused and laughing on the inside by his serious behavior. He’s usually a very chill jokester kind of guy. When we get to the gondola site, I see him “subtly” and casually greet/wave at someone from afar. In my head, I’m like, “We’re thousands of miles away from home, who the heck do you know in Venice? I mean, you’re popular but not that popular.” We approach a nice woman named Serena. She says she can offer us a photography package along with the gondola ride for a certain price. Rex, without hesitation, jumps at the offer.

Another thing about Rex, he is frugal and indecisive, so this impulsive decision gave it all away! I mean why else would a professional photographer be on the boat with us and taking photos every second? I loved the thought he put into everything, but it humors me how Rex is terrible at hiding things from me!

To be honest, from that moment to the moment he proposed on the gondola during the magical golden hour light, was all a blur. Although I already had known he was going to ask, I still couldn’t process it completely and I was just in complete shock. It all happened too fast. I just remember him getting down on one knee, seeing tears roll down his face, him choking on his words, and me thinking, “ABOUT TIME.”

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