Reva and Ian

Image 1 of Reva and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I met at a birthday dinner for a mutual friend and shortly after began following each other on social media. Months later, I mentioned to our mutual friend that I thought Ian was cute. Well, she decided to tell him and soon after we connected and the rest is history!

how they asked

For the last 3 years we’ve spent New Years Eve at our church’s watch service. On our way to church, Ian started an “argument” to get me a little riled up out of nowhere, so I was slightly frustrated to say the least . Shortly after service started our Pastor called the two of us up to the front of the church for special prayer (I assumed it was because of the tension from the argument). When we got up to the front of the church the pastor stepped to the side and when I turned to look at Ian, he was down on one knee and I was in shock and started crying. I of course said YES!

Image 2 of Reva and Ian