Renee and Thomas

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How We Met

We met in college. He was in the Video department and I was in the photography department. We had a night class next door to each other and sometime we were early and sat out in the hall way waiting for the professor to come open the doors. One of my classmates had a class with him and so she would talk to him and sometimes I would jump in too. But the night I really saw him. I was heading to class with my friend and she forgot something in her car, so I took her book and all of my stuff and went to the classroom. Well I fell going up the stairs. He came running around the corner and came down the stairs to help my get up and get all my books together. I ran away because I was so embarrassed.

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how they asked

The proposal was very much a surprise. I never saw it coming. I figured he would proposed next year. He had so many plans on how he was going to ask and so many ideas on how he wanted to do it. He had a lot of help for our friends and family and a big help from my sister. So the day of the proposal, I thought it was just a regular day. We were going to see the open night of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with some friends.

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So he was supposed to meet me at my work to pick me up and head that way. Well I get a call just before I get off saying he had locked himself out of his house. So I said “I’ll be there in a few to let you into your appointment.” Well he starts to panic a little “no no my sister is on her way to let me in so don’t worry about. When you get off just come get me.” So I said okay. So I go get him and head to the movie. As we are sitting in the movie waiting for it to start, they start the wrong movie. I could see he was so aggravated and we had to move to a different theater to watch the movie.

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After the movie was over and we head to our car, we were giving our Christmas present to our friends. So everyone start to pull out their phones and record them opening them. When his friend Chris open his last, he pulled out the game and showed it off, but realized that there was something else in the bag. I thought it was his mother’s ring that he got clean for her for Christmas, little did I know. He took the box to make sure everything was okay with the rings. He look at me, turned the box, and got down on one knee. He said my full name and asked me to marry him. I was speechless. All I could say was I love you over and over and give him a big kiss, but I said YES over and over.

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