Renee and Sofian

Image 1 of Renee and Sofian

We moved to Japan in March and after a year of dating & him telling me he was going to marry me, I was kind of expecting something. He kept telling me ‘oh, I still need to buy the ring’. In July we planned a trip to climb Mt Fuji. I thought this could be the perfect time but he said he still didn’t have the ring.

It was a pretty gruelling climb and with no sleep. I’d forgotten about any proposal due to his great lying skills ;)

We made it to the top at 4am and just before 5am the sun came up. He gave his camera to a random tourist & asked him to take a video of us. Then he turned around and said ‘they say if you see the sunrise from the top of Mt Fuji you will have eternal happiness. Will you marry me?’

I said ‘of course!’ It was by far better & more magical than I could ever imagine!!