Renee and Kent

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How We Met

We met twenty- three years ago when we went to a Brooks & Dunn concert on October 3, 1993. We instantly fell in love and dated through my sophomore and junior year. However, it wasn’t God’s timing for us and we went though a painful year break up.

We both went our separate ways and married other people and had beautiful children. I have two boys and he has two girls. It took eighteen years, but one day he found me on Facebook and the rest is history.

We became friends again and it’s like we never were apart. We made each laugh again and instantly reconnected through what true love actually feels like and means. We have been through a lot things that would tear a couple apart, but we chose to grow stronger through our trial’s and here we are!!!! Finally twenty-three later!!!

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how they asked

We fell back in love at an event I did with the Birmingham Barons Baseball team. Going to watch them play has become a tradition for us. It was the last home game of the season and I had tickets left over. We invited several of close friends to join us and he had other things on his heart and mind. They all knew but me.

We had a great time with our friends and after the game we stayed for the fireworks show. It’s was then to music synced to the fireworks of Johnny Cash.. He proposed!!

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