Renee and Eric

Where to Propose in Paris

How We Met

I met my fiance Eric on my first day of college, he was my cousin’s roommate. I drove up to College Station, TX and the first thing I wanted to do was go visit my older cousin and see his house. While I was there, this long-haired redhead walked in half soaking wet and went “Hey man, do you have a towel” and I just burst out laughing. Then shortly after I left and went to move into my apartment, later that week I ran into him again and this time he was buying a tree, and trying to fit it into a tiny car. It was quite amusing. A few weeks went by and I saw him time and time again but we didn’t really talk much, then one day he asked me if I had a washer/dryer in my apartment “pretty sneaky huh” and of course I said yes. So he came over to do some laundry, we started becoming friends and a few months later he asked me out on a date!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris

how they asked

After dating for 10 years, “remember met him when I was 19” Eric took me on a trip to Paris, after spending 2 days sightseeing and falling in love with the city, Eric and I were out shopping one morning and he said “Hey we need to wrap up soon, I have plans at 3” so I go… ok sure no problem. We get back to the hotel and we drop off our bags and freshen up quickly. We go downstairs and there is a car there waiting for us, the car takes us to this warehouse where I am going, ok where are we.

The driver has this code to get into the gate and right behind the warehouse is a HELICOPTER! We fly around Paris for a little bit, then we are dropped off at the Palace of Versailles. Eric and I take a car to Versailles and after a few minutes walking around, Eric finds the perfect location to bend down on one knee and ask me to be his wife!

I was shocked, stunned, and blown away! And of course, I said YES! After we fly back to Paris where we stay the evening, then the next day we flew off to Rome to celebrate! I cannot tell you how magical the entire experience was, it is definitely the trip of a lifetime!! What can I say, he’s a keeper!