Renee and Daniel's Pumpkin Proposal

How We Met

Daniel, known to most as DJ, and I met in 2013, through a mutual group of friends at a locally famous restaurant and pub called Wofleys. I was one of the last people to show up and the only seat available was the one spot open next to him. He introduced himself and our first conversation was about comic books and cheesy pick up lines. After 20 minutes of him throwing pick up lines and me laughing at every single one, I knew this guy was different but we both made passing comments in different conversations throughout the night that neither one of us wanted a relationship or commitment. That night ended with a “nice to meet you” and walking our separate ways.

After two weeks of not talking, but thinking about one another and the fun conversations we had, we both looked one another up on Facebook. We were clearly interested in one another after the all-day text messages back and forth talking about everything from our favorite color to deep conversation about past experiences that made us the kind of person we are… we still insisted that we didn’t want anything more than friends and agreed to hangout again as just that.

Fast forward a month later to July 16th. After hardly going a day without seeing one another, good morning and good night text messages, bringing him food in the middle of the night during his late nights at work, first kisses, holding hands, both families saying, “just start dating already…” and sharing secrets only the other knows… we made it official. Two people who became close friends almost over night became a couple… and the rest was history.

how they asked

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Just so everyone knows, DJ and I are not the most traditional people when it comes to this wedding stuff. We did things a little backwards. We both knew we wanted to be engaged soon and have talked about wedding planning for quite a while. On October 9th, 2015, we woke up early and went to do some shopping and found ourselves in the jewelry store! We always looked around and I tried on rings because I didn’t really know what style I wanted. While looking around I realized I had no idea what ring size I wore! I finally got sized and the woman behind the counter asked if I liked anything in particular and wanted to try any settings on. I really thought I wanted a traditional solitaire setting. Something classic and timeless that could be passed down for generations. I was wrong. I was so discouraged because I felt like I was being stubborn, but DJ really wanted me to love the ring that I would wear forever. I went to look at rings that I wasn’t sure if I would be a fan of or not, and I found my perfect ring. I looked down and said, “Wow… that one is really beautiful”. DJ told me to try it on and it had a more elaborate setting than what I thought I wanted. I put it on and my first reaction was, “I don’t want to take it off” as I held back tears. He asked me if this was the one and I said, “I really think it is. I love this ring!” He looked at the woman behind the counter and said, “ring this up, please”. I was shocked. I asked him if he was really buying it the same day and he said, “You love this ring and I can’t leave without knowing I have it, but that doesn’t mean we’re engaged. It’s not official until I talk to your parents and get on one knee and ask you to marry me.” I melted. He talked to my parents, he talked to his parents, and all of the blessings were there!

The ring was sent out for two weeks to be resized and we went back on October 23rd to make sure that the ring fit. The store we bought it at was almost an hour away so we made a day out of if. We enjoyed an amazing lunch at a beautiful little restaurant called, The Mason Jar, and I remember that it was just an absolutely perfect autumn day. We pulled up to the store and I had the biggest butterflies! My perfect ring was here and once I made sure it fit it was just a waiting game! Unfortunately, the size was STILL wrong! It was one size too big and had to be sent back out. The store agreed to give us the ring so we could have it sized at a store closer to home since it was a bit of a haul for us to come back out again to try it on. We left the store both a little upset but refused to let it ruin our day.

DJ asked me what I would like to do the rest of the day to make me feel a little better and I mentioned that we should go to Mapleside Farm, in Brunswick, OH, to pick out our pumpkins. Halloween and the autumn season is our favorite time of year. We look forward to pumpkin carving and enjoying the holiday fun as soon as summer starts to break. He agreed that we should go and check it out and took a beautiful and long scenic route. I mean, it was absolutely breath taking.

Once we pulled up to the farm, after a longer than anticipated drive, we we’re both really exhausted. Having the ring in the truck still, he mentioned that he was going to put it in the back of the truck so nobody could see it in the front seat. Made sense to me, we didn’t want anything happening to it and be without a ring in general!

We head up over the hills and went to over look the orchard. This farm is stunning, 122 acres, and has previously been voted the most beautiful farm in America. I was so excited to be there for my first time but DJ just seemed quiet and distracted. I knew he was exhausted from the day, the issue with the ring, all the driving, so I told him we could just get our pumpkins and make our way home. He suggested we walk around for a little while. We walked in circles and it almost felt like he was looking for something. It was an awkward visit and I just felt like we were wandering confused. Finally, I said, “we have came back here twice now… lets just get our pumpkins”. He agreed and told me to pick his pumpkin our for him. I was so bummed! This was something we always look forward to and it just seemed like he did not seem like he wanted to be there! So I picked out my pumpkin and while searching for one for him, he said he actually found one! While finishing up, he said, “let’s put these in the truck and walk around some more”. Confused, but happy to see more of the farm I agreed. We started walking around he had mentioned the giant pumpkin wall next to the pumpkin patch and the fact that people were getting photos taken in front of it. He asked me if I wanted to have someone take our picture. Shocked by the suggestion, because he is not one to have his photo taken easily, I happily agreed! I was so excited to have our photo taken in front of such an awesome feature of the farm. I asked two kind ladies if they would take photos and they said, “absolutely”!

Our first photo was far away to get the whole wall, then we had one close up. It didn’t turn out well because I kept closing my eyes because the sun was SO bright that day! I started walking away to get my phone back and Dj says, “Let’s take one more…”. I thought that was kind of weird, but I figured he probably had his eyes closed half of the picture too. So I stand to pose for one more picture and as soon as they count down, “3… 2…” to take the picture DJ got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his hoodie pocket!!!

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The wonderful ladies that took the picture kept yelling, “You have got to be kidding me! Oh my gosh! Seriously!” They were ecstatic and just as shocked as I was. I look back and I can’t believe I didn’t see it coming. Everything made sense to me! He even told me that he was having a difficult time trying to enjoy himself because he was thinking the entire time how he was going to propose!

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He said he didn’t want to wait to propose, and granted I still have to return my ring to be resized… I ended the day as a soon to be Mrs!