Renee and Aidan

How We Met

I (Renee) grew up in a very small town. I grew up loving sports; volleyball, track & field, dancing. I love spending time with her family and friends. In the final year of high school, I applied to a college 2 hours away from home for the Dental Assistant Program. I got in and accepted her offer.

Little did she know in a couple of weeks she was going to meet Aidan… and he also grew up in the area she had accepted her offer for College. He was away from home for hockey and billeting with a family. We met on Tinder, after talking for a week, Aidan invited me to his game about 45 mins from where I lived. I dragged along my friend to go with me. The day after Aidan and Renee met, Aidan asked her to be his girlfriend.

We did long distance for about a year until I graduated high school and moved to College in his home town.

It was like it was meant to be… when I moved to college, Aidan was still playing hockey far away, then had been traded to a team in his HOMETOWN… where I was going to college. It was like someone from above was making sure everything was aligned perfectly so we didn’t have to do long distance anymore.

I graduated from college, we bought a house together and 5 years later… we are ENGAGED!! <3

How They Asked

Aidan knows how much I love Christmas and all the festive things that go with it. He told me he had an amazing Christmas light show event he found online so when we were down for Christmas with my family, we would go.

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A person at the event (well I thought she was from the event) asked us if we would answer some questions about the event. She started asking random questions than she asked: “what makes you guys come out tonight?” Aidan pulled my hands over to him and got on one knee. We both were crying… I thought it was over.. and it was far from over.

We headed to our cars, and there were a horse and carriage just like those “Hallmark Original Christmas Movies”. We road all around downtown. We ended up at a restaurant and when we went inside, he had ALL my family and friends there, included all of his to celebrate!!

It was a nice day I will never forget!!

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