Renee and Adam

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How We Met

My fiancé, Adam use to work at a bar called the Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights. Mutual friends were dating at the time, and when I saw Adam, I told them how I thought he was so cute. So naturally, they worked some magic and got us to hangout. Monday, September 3, 2012 we went to a party and that was our first time hanging out and getting to know each other. Our first date was September 6, 2012, and we went to see a scary movie and then went to get milkshakes. The way I felt with him was different than anything I felt before. It was almost like I already knew he was the one. Once we met, we were pretty much inseparable. If we weren’t hanging out, you better believe we were talking on the phone or texting. And it were those texts that you sit there and smile at your phone. I mean I know Rihanna said, “We found love in a hopeless place,” but I would of never thought I would be falling in love with the bartender in Seaside Heights. But at the same time, I wouldn’t change our love story for anything in the world.

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how they asked

March 28, 2017 will be a date I will always remember. But let’s rewind to a couple days before. So Adam asked me to go to his Aunts surprise party and the date of it was March 28. I said I would see how things panned out because I had recently just got a new job and wasn’t sure if I would be off. Little did I know, I HAD to be there. Up until the day of, he was so nervous I would say I couldn’t attend. So the day comes, and we are on our way to “his aunts surprise party.” We get to the restaurant and start to walk upstairs because that is where the surprise party was being held. We got up the stairs and I see balloons being held and photographers ready to go. Still, not thinking anything of it, I thought she was right behind us and we were ruining the surprise! I then saw Adam get down on one knee and I swear time stood still.

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I was in complete shock and I lost my breath for a second. He said Renee, will you marry me? But then a couple seconds after also said, Renee, you have to give me an answer. I was so shocked I couldn’t even comprehend! Poor guy lol. The answer of course was yes, after shaking like a leaf, and I gave him both hands because I totally forgot which one, that’s how much I was out of it. Little did I know, the balloons said, Renee, will you marry me?

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I had no idea because I just saw balloons and figured they were for the surprise. But behind every balloon was a member from my family and his. That all in its own could not have been more perfect. I have only dreamed of the day it would happen, and he exceeded all of my expectations. In that moment, I knew I had the most amazing man in my life, who I could now call FIANCÉ!

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