Rene and Hans

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How We Met

Hans and I first met in August 2015 at an event for musicians which was held at our church. We are both on the crew for NACTV – The New Apostolic Church Southern Africa television channel. I’m a presenter and he is a cameraman. He was dating someone else

at the time so he didn’t give me the time of day. The fast forward to December of that year and we reconnect at a concert. We didn’t manage to speak to each other at this event so we went our separate ways. We did start chatting on messenger though and this went on the January 2016. He was invited to my birthday party on 15 January 2016. All I can say is that we just clicked and have not looked back since. We just celebrated 2 years together.

how they asked

Hans and I knew that we wanted to be married and spend our lives together so we started planning in early 2017 already without telling anyone. We asked our mothers for their blessing on the 2nd July 2017 and they were both over the moon. Hans wanted to surprise me with a proposal some time so he kept this detail to himself. I was on edge for months trying to anticipate when he would pop the question. Fast forward to January 2018. My birthday was Sunday 14 January 2018. We did a lovely family lunch with both our immediate families and some of our closest friends at a local wine estate. I thought any time now. But I was wrong. So the evening he take me home as I stay on my own and asks to go onto the balcony. I’m inside changing and then as I come out onto the balcony I see him down on one know holding the ring in his hand and he asks me to marry him. I was caught so off guard that all I could do was laugh. And I laughed a lot. And of course I eventually said YES!!! And he surprised me with a beautiful rose gold band that we had gone to choose last year March already but that he designed to what I liked. So I’m going to be Mrs Stevens in just over 6 months and I cannot wait! I love this man.

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