Renatha and Renan

How We Met

Renatha and Renan met up on a dating app in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they live. It was an interesting story because they were talking and getting to know each other through the app, but he saw her at a bar before they would officially meet up and recognized the profile photo from the app and he approached her to talk.

how they asked

They were dating for 1 1/2 years and they decide to come visit a friend, Layla Eloa, that is a photographer in Chicago, last summer.

Before they arrived, Renan told Layla that he was going to propose so Layla told Renatha that they were going to take some photos of themselves watching a sunrise at North Beach Ave in Chicago, and he proposed right there.

At first, when he got on his knees, she thought he was joking and posing for photos, until he showed the ring and she got super surprised and of course super happy!

Special Thanks

Layla Eloa Photography