Renata and Hector

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How We Met

Hector and I met at the Miami Youth Fair during the summer prior to me starting my freshman year of high school, he was entering his Junior year. We both shared common friends who introduced us. However, we weren’t very fond of one another. He had a big ego and that just didn’t sit well with me and what can I say? I was a little feisty myself. A night I will never forget was when we attended a group dinner and I accidentally spilled my drink all over him! I remember the look on his face…It’s safe to say there were no sparks. We saw each other a few times that summer and didn’t exchange a lot of words. Towards the end of that summer I did hear through a friend that he thought I was cute…haha. That was probably because I had blossomed a little. No really, I had changed a lot! I didn’t pay much mind to that. I wasn’t interested. haha During class one day our mutual friend asked to borrow my cell phone since hers had died to text someone… that someone was Hector. After class he texted my phone again, I told him I was no longer with her but he continued texting me.

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That’s when our love story began. We became attached at the hip and with Hector’s house being a 5 minute walk away from mine it was easy to keep close. He asked me out the night of our homecoming and I officially became his girlfriend on October 21, 2004. We had the most amazing time together and to my surprise had so much in common. Our families got along so well, everything was perfect! Looking back at my life every memory includes Hector and I don’t remember my life without him. After, came the birth of our son Christopher the biggest blessing we’ve received. Together we’ve built our family, home, and life that has been perfect for us. It’s been 12 years, almost 13 leading up to our proposal and although not everything has been perfect Hector and I have managed to stay true to ourselves and most importantly our love! I know in my heart that Hector and I were made for each other.

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how they asked

Hector and I, planned a trip to New York during November 2016 to go engagement ring shopping. We spent a few days there and even though it was still November we felt the Christmas cheer all around! What better way to spend the holidays? We planned a trip back with our families. On December 26th we were on our way back to New York. Prior to arriving I suggested we do a photo session in New York since we have never had a photo session with just him and I. I have to admit I didn’t think Hector would be into it but to my surprise he was! He told me to find a photographer I liked and that he would do the rest. I was in charge of wardrobe so I made sure we looked great! The month building up to our trip Hector started acting a little funny… he seemed very stressed out.

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I associated it with work so I tried to be as consoling as possible. The day of the photo-shoot seemed like a regular day. We had breakfast, got ready, and were on our way to the Brooklyn Bridge. We met with EJ our photographer and she was extremely sweet and fun! Once the session ended she went running off as if she was late for something and I didn’t think anything of it. I asked Hector what would we be doing next and he said that he was taking me to a nice lunch since we were all dressed up and so we could have some alone time during our trip. We arrived to the Kimption INK 48 hotel in Hell’s Kitchen and we sat down by the bar to wait for our table. I had to admit the restaurant was empty and I thought it was extremely weird.

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At this point I didn’t ask any questions and just ran with it. We had a glass of wine and right after he asked to be excused to use the rest room. I sat down by myself for a few minutes and a young man came to say that my table was ready and to follow him. I must admit that for some reason I started getting very nervous at that moment. I followed him up to the beautiful Heaven over Hell suite and once the door opened, my heart stopped. Even though I saw this beautiful set up the first thing I processed was a beautiful string band playing Lana Del Rey-Young and Beautiful. At that moment I completely chocked up!

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I walked into a beautiful set-up filled with roses, hydrangeas, and peonies. A beautiful rose carpet that lead me towards Hector… it felt like something out of a movie! To my surprise my sister Scarlet and son Christopher who were able to witness and share this precious moment with us. After I said YES!

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We heard a knock on the door and I was shocked to see that it was the rest of my family! I have never felt so happy to see them!

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EJ my photographer and Edward our videographer were there too document every second of it! I have to admit it was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and I wish I had a replay button to relive it again and again. I am so excited to finally call Hector my Fiancé and now time to plan our 2018 wedding!

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