Renae and Erik

Erik and I were high school sweethearts that decided to attend different universities in Texas. I moved to Arlington to go to Nursing school and he went to Austin to study engineering at UT. So, for fours years we worked hard to balance different school schedules and living four hours away from each other, but we made it.

The weekend of his graduation we traveled back and forth many times from Austin to our home town and on Saturday night we ended up back in Austin (sadly his commencement ceremony was rained out). The next day we got up and he told me he wanted to go take pictures at Mount Bonnell, a beautiful park that looks out over the skyline of Austin.

Well, as I’m taking pictures of him in his graduation gear, he takes a moment to talk to me. The next thing I know he’s on one knee asking me to marry him with his best friend’s girlfriend taking surprise pictures of us. Of course, I cried and let out a high-pitched “yeeeesssss.” I have never been so happy in my entire life and I get to spend the rest of my life with that shy boy I met in high school, forever!

Image 1 of Renae and Erik