Renae and Christopher

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How We Met

Chris and I met almost 7 years ago this January. I was only 19 and he was 21 at the time.

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We actually were friends on myspace for years prior to meeting and one day he messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to a party. I said yes and then blew him off and then he asked me out again to hangout and for some reason this time I decided to meet him.

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He picked me up with one of his best friends Cameron. As soon as I got inside the car I texted my best friend Kara and said “He is soo cute. I’m going to marry him”. Ever since that night we spent basically every day together. Chris was always so respectful never tried to even kiss me until after the 8th time of hanging out.

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Fast forward 2 years we were expecting our first child together. We had a beautiful little girl Aria Scarlett and that is when our life together really started.

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We made it through so many tough times and through parenting together and really have grown into adults together.

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I truly couldn’t imagine life without anyone else by my side. We are each others rocks and we know how to put each other in place when we are in the wrong but most of all we love each other so much and I am beyond excited to start the next chapter of our lives together and see what the next 50 years are for us.

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how they asked

On christmas day 2016 we were at my families house in Corona, Ca. Typically when we all open presents we just pass out whatever we see first but this year my uncle told Chris and I that we needed to pass ours out first.

I of course argued with having to search for all the presents from us and so of course my uncle won that arguement and I started to pass out presents. As I am telling one of my cousins about her gift and how she can return if it did not fit her eyes got really big and I turned around and Chris was on one knee.

He then laughed out of nervousness and muttered out the words ” Will you marry me?” I then asked if this was a joke and then replied with “yes”.

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We both were extremely nervous and could barely get the ring on because we both were shaking. I then started to cry and my entire family cheered with excitement. I am still in shock I was really thinking that marriage was maybe just not for us and I was totally fine with that because we are totally happy and fine living our life the way it was but now that we are getting married I am bursting with so much happiness and so excited with the fact that our daughter will be able to witness us get married.

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