Remington and Shea

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How We Met

I have known Shea pretty much my whole life but we never officially spoke until I was in 7th grade and he was in 8th grade. The first time I ever met him was right before middle school started. We had an open house to welcome the 7th graders into middle school and since I was a cheerleader I had to be there in my uniform along with the rest of the team to welcome everyone in. I remember me and my girlfriends were in the hallway by the lockers chatting when an 8th-grade girl ran up to my friend and said: “Oh my gosh Shea White wanted me to come ask you for your number.”

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I remember all of the girls screaming and cheering saying “lucky!!” Maybe it was his sweet Justin Bieber haircut or maybe it was the Abercrombie shirt that said: “calling the shots” that attracted everyone to him I don’t know but I remember everyone had a crush on Shea White. Of course I did too but unfortunately, he wanted my friend’s number. Well, they lasted about 2 weeks as does every other middle school relationship and then I got my turn to date the infamous Shea White. Our first date was to Joes Crab Shack (how romantic??!) my mom drove us and I remember us and 2 other couples that went to school with us all went out for dinner with our parents all there too. From that day on we were stuck together.

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We, of course, broke up a few months later via text message from our Razor phones and started dating someone new (because again, it’s middle school and you don’t date for longer than a month.) But we always found our way back into each other’s lives. From high school to college, to now owning our first home together we have never left each other’s side. He was my first kiss, my prom date, and now my fiance and I cannot wait to see what else life has in store for us.

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how they asked

Fast forward 7 years later, after high school and college we now live together with our sweet 4-year-old boxer puppy, Rocky, he is the light of our lives and we love being parents.

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I was born on Valentines Day so every year we never really go out on that exact day since it is always so crazy and everyone is wanting to celebrate with their loved ones. So, Shea told me during the week that we were going to celebrate my birthday on Saturday, February 10th so we didn’t have to fight a crowd or go out on a weeknight. He mentioned that he had made reservations at a restaurant and that we had to be at dinner by 4:30. That was all he told me and I like surprises so I didn’t ask questions. Earlier that day on Saturday we had a baby shower to go to for one of our best friends and pretty much all of our other very good friends were there too so I was kind of bummed that our dinner was so early during the day and that we had to leave the shower early. We ended up heading out to Dallas for dinner and when we arrived we parked on the street at Klyde Warren Park. I was a little confused as to why we were parking here since we needed to cross the park to get to the restaurant but Shea said that it was way easier to park there so again I just went with the flow. We got out and started across the park to get to the restaurant when we came up to a blanket on the ground with some champagne and a beautiful bouquet of red roses. By the time I set my purse down to pick up the roses Shea was on his knee and that’s when he asked me the question that I had been dreaming of since… forever.

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Cue the ugly Kim K cry face. I was honestly so shocked. It really was the sweetest moment of our lives together.

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We then took some photos around the area and they couldn’t have turned out any better. Shea absolutely HATES taking pictures so the fact that he planned this whole proposal out AND had a photographer there to snap it all was truly priceless. I found out that we were indeed not going to eat at that restaurant so when we got done with pictures he told me we were going to eat at El Fenix. We never ever eat there so I was super confused (I am loyal to my Chuys!!!) but it was right around the corner so I figured that was why. When we walked in the waiter said “2 of you?” so I assumed that he had a table ready and he walked us up the stairs.

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I figured that Shea wanted to sit in a private area and to my surprise, he opened the door to our entire family and our closest friends. It was close to 100 people in there and I immediately broke down in tears. Now I understand why we had to cheat on Chuys because we needed a big enough space to fit all of these wonderful people. I don’t know how he got everyone to be there and how they all hid it from me but it was the greatest engagement party with the ones we love. Most of our friends were at the baby shower we had earlier so I never expected any of them to be there. I know I will never know how much time and effort went into this and I don’t think I will ever stop smiling when I think of this day. I am so ready to be Mrs. Shea White.

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