Rekha and Sam

how we met

We first “met” in March of 2017. I was living in Tallahassee and Kristy was living in Philadelphia. Kristy had gotten out of a long term relationship a couple months back and I was having a string of bad dates, so we were both not looking for anyone. However, that weekend, I was in Birmingham visiting a friend and convinced me to re-download a dating app I had deleted called “Dil Mil.” Simultaneously, Kristy’s friends had also forced her to download the app for the first time and they spent the night going through the app. The next morning, Kristy woke up to her first match on the app, and luckily it was me. Her flirting game was pretty rusty, and she mustered up a simple, “Hey, how are you?” Even still, her basic opener, actually sparked a conversation that soon went on to become paragraphs which lead us to where we are today!

how they asked

I proposed at the Fairmount Water Works gazebo behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This area was very special to us because Kristy and I had our first date here, when I had promised to take her to my favorite spot in the city . We sat under the gazebo and talked for hours even after it started raining, getting soaked in the process. Interestingly, the day of the proposal it was raining, replicating our first meeting. Weeks prior I had told Kristy there was a “Gala,” for the field I’d like to enter after residency, that I wanted her to come to Philadelphia for. She had just finished PA school and was back home in Chicago at the time. She was skeptical at first, but eventually, after creating a fake email invitation and having a few family members push her along, she caved and booked her flight to come. On the day of, I brought her to the gazebo and explained that instead of attending a Gala, I would be asking her to be my wife. She cried and said “Heck Yeah!” Afterwards, we were able to have some awesome photos taken by Liz Gibbs, followed by a surprise party back at my place with all our family and friends! Overall, I’d say, BEST DAY YET.

Special Thanks