Registering with Target's New App!

If you missed my last post about Target’s Wedding Registry, I’m glad you’re here.

Image 1 of Registering with Target's New App!Target hosted a second wedding registry event – this time in Austin – and I had the pleasure of attending with a few other amazing gals (hi, Loverly and Camille Styles). For the event, Target rented a house and filled it will tons of register-worthy items. From pillows to blenders, pots and pans to vases and irresistible tableware, there were hundreds of things from everyone’s favorite store.

Engaged couples were invited to the house and were able to use Target’s new mobile app to register directly through their phones. They could scan items on the spot and they’d immediately hit their wish list. They could also use the app to search for specific things too. I truly loved using it because it made the whole registry process super simple (let’s be honest, as much as I love presents, it’s not so easy to put such a big list together!).

There were also a few fun things going on, like this guy working his magic on the barbecue, and the woman below cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Image 7 of Registering with Target's New App! Image 8 of Registering with Target's New App!

Then they all had all these adorable art installations and this was obviously my favorite:

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Finally, I wanted to share photos of all the things I bookmarked for my own registry.

Let’s start with this entire shelving unit. There were cups and bowls that caught my eye, along with a vase I could already picture in our kitchen. I’m not big on overspending and these types of items can be SO overpriced sometimes. As I’m sure you know, Target does an amazing job with home decor at great prices, so I quickly scanned these pretty things in my app.

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In the dining room, I found more easy-on-the-eye things for the tabletop as well. One thing I always love about Target is how well their colors and patterns can all be combined. This table setting WOWed me and I took notes on how to replicate it (or something very similar) for my own home.

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Now on to the bedroom. I have to admit that I’ve bought my linens (sheets, pillowcases, towels and all) from Target since I was pre-teen. I begged my mom almost every year to take me to Target so I could re-do my room and bathroom. I still remember that excited feeling I got whenever she said yes.

As a twenty-something now, I must make a second admission that I still do the same thing (minus the fact that I don’t need mom’s approval and I can do even more damage…). Below is a a perfect display of just how great rooms can turn out decked in all things Target.

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For the last piece of the puzzle, I had to include things for our outdoorsy side. My fiancé and I both love to go on adventures and I think it’s very necessary to include useful gifts on your list as well. If you’re campers, now’s the time to get that ultra-modern tent for two, or if you’re tailgaters, a sturdy cooler will do you well. I registered for both.

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Target makes everything effortless and easy, and as a bride dealing with a thousand things, I couldn’t be more thankful to have been exposed to their registry. I felt good collecting items that I knew were useful and looked great, and that were most importantly affordable (I’m not comfortable asking my guests for something I would never spend my own money on!).

I’ll sign off with more adorable wall art….

Love love grow, and also, look into registering with Target. You won’t regret it.

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Target sponsored the event and this post. I built the registry.

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