Reginald and Gabrielle

Proposal Ideas Houston, Texas

How We Met

I met this beautiful woman on October 13, 2008, on the campus on Texas A&M University while passing out flyers. Over the past 10 years, we’ve been best friends through personal highs and lows, career successes and failures, and relationship makeups and breakups, not knowing that we had already found each other. We don’t often see who/what God has placed before us until He is ready, but I am honored, privileged, and most of all BLESSED to call this beautiful woman my fiancée.

how they asked

It all started with a glass of wine at our favorite local sushi restaurant. As we were leaving, I pulled out a blindfold to make sure she had no clue of where we were going. After driving for what seemed like 3 hours (really 10 minutes), we arrived at the private airstrip. I sat her on a chair while still blinded (had to make her wonder) as I added a hidden microphone. We proceeded to walk to the helicopter. I took the blindfold off and she was speechless! We took a 45-minute helicopter tour around Houston, Texas.

As we landed, I had letters lit up on the landing strip with family and friends there to witness. She started crying once she realized what was going on. I walked her in front of the letters, got down on one knee, recited Ephesians 6:31, spoke my heart and asked her to marry me (no nerves, I was cool, calm and collected).

Reginald and Gabrielle's Engagement in Houston, Texas

Of course, she said YES! We proposed a toast and headed back to our house where a chef snuck in and set up while we were having wine. We partied the night away with family and friends. It was the best day of my life!

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