Regina and Max

How We Met: I worked at a bar in Guatemala’s airport. It was the 24 of January of 2014. This guy came in and ordered a beer. We started talking about how hot it was at the airport (the A.C wasn’t working) and about random small talk. But somehow, that small talk started to have interesting points and as we kept talking, I started to smile A LOT. I even had to turn around and “watch something” in the computer so that he wouldn’t notice me smiling like a crazy person. Somehow, 3 hours passed by and we were talking and joking as if we knew each other for years. Then reality hit, his flight was about to leave so he stood up, pulled out his business card and said “If you’re ever in Montreal”. He started walking away, turned around and said good bye. We made eye contact for like 10 seconds and it was so deep, as he was seeing right through me. I couldn’t believe what I felt. My heart was pounding so hard. Hours later, when I got home I saw his business card in my purse. I remembered that when we were talking he said “You have to check my flight and see that I landed OK”. So I started thinking if I should write him an email. It took me like an hour to finally decide that I should write that email, which said “I just checked your flight as I told you I would and saw that it landed. Good luck with everything and specially in the terrible cold in Canada”. The next morning, I woke up to find a beautiful reply to my email. And that’s how my very own fairytale started.

how they asked: It was my first time visiting Montreal, where he lives. I live in Guatemala. We’ve been together for 1 year and its been always a long distance relationship. On that day, he took me for a surprise spa day, which was great and so relaxing! He asked me if I wanted to see the sunset on top of Mont Royal, of course I said yes. We went up there to find the most beautiful view. He had told me he was going to give me a gift for our anniversary but that I should wait until we went to dinner. But when were there, he said he wouldn’t make me wonder for so long so he pulled out of the bag a photo album. I opened it and it was full of pictures of us. At the end, it said “Today is a very special day. Now come closer” when I looked back at him he handed me a box. I opened it and inside, was a smaller box. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen and couldn’t even open that small, delicate box. So he grabbed it and got on his knees and opened it. He held in his hands the most beautiful engagement ring ever and said “Will you marry me?”. I couldn’t stop crying of happiness and when I finally caught some air, I finally said YES to the most amazing guy ever. I simply cannot wait to spend the rest of my life by his side.

Image 2 of Regina and Max

Image 1 of Regina and Max

Photography by Lionel Hally