Regina and Weston

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How We Met

We met back in July of 2015 at the Salinas Rodeo! Wes has the most contagious laugh and he was just cracking up at everything I said that night. I was immediately infatuated by this guy who just looked at me like I was gold and laughed at my jokes that were probably pretty lame. We hung out again the weekend after that, and after that, and after that. But, I was adamant about not having a boyfriend and bring tied down… so he tried and tried for SEVEN months and I finally said yes to being his girlfriend.

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Best decision I ever made! Have you ever had that feeling where you just know when someone loves you? Not just love you. But love the crap out of you! Like they just look at you with this look in their eyes so full of genuine love. That’s exactly how he makes me feel. No question about it! He goes above and beyond to treat me like a queen and I just love him to death for that. Wes is the most selfless, genuine, kind-hearted, loving, generous, hardworking, gentleman of a human being! He’s one of a kind, and I’m so happy to call him my Fiancé! (Still getting used to calling him that, eeeek!)

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How They Asked

It was Friday, October 2nd, 2020. Just like every other Friday except my co-workers called me into work to work on a big project. I have been working from home on most days but I’ll go into the office when I need to work with my teammates. I’m sitting in the conference room and I hear the door fling open behind me… it’s a guy who yells “I’m taking you to lunch.” Confused, I turn around and see Wes standing there with my boss. Now, to get into my office building you have to have a key fob and someone has to let you in! I asked Wes how he got inside and why he was with my boss! My boss said she was giving me the rest of the afternoon off and that I was going to lunch with Wes… now, if you knew Wes like I do, you’d know that he is always so extravagant that he would do this just because he wanted too on any other day so I didn’t think much of it.

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We walk out to the parking lot and there is an Aston Martin sports car parked right out front. I walked past it and Wes says “this is our ride!” (Mind you, I know nothing about cars but I could tell this thing was pretty cool, and someone like my dad who is a car fanatic would definitely be impressed) Umm okay! Where the hell did you get this car from? And I look like crap, can we stop at my house so I can change on my way home? Wes said he brought an outfit for me to change into. We get in the car, we stop at his family’s ranch (they are farmers so we stop at the cooler, I run inside the bathroom and change into these super cute new clothes that somehow fit perfectly.. explained later). We get back in the sports car and drive down the coast to Monterey.

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Drive-by Lover’s Point, Pacific Grove, 17-mile drive. I low key get car sick because Wes was having way too much fun pinning it around the turns! We get to this private beach in Carmel where we’ve been before and eaten take out dinner a couple of years ago! We walk down by the water and sit on a bench. In a typical non-romantic Wes kinda way, he asks me to marry him and pulls out this gorgeous, beautiful ring from his pocket! Emotional and bawling I say yes!!!

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And omg this ring is beautiful, how/why am I so lucky to get this ring that’s so beautiful! Holy crap we are engaged!! WE, Wes and Regina, are engaged!!! I was just a kid this morning and now all of a sudden I am planning the rest of my life with this boy that I just adore and love so much. We’d talk about getting married but it’s just the best feeling when it’s you, the one who gets engaged! I just want everyone to feel this feeling that I got to experience! I love LOVE! Okay back to the story… okay, so we are engaged!! Now what?? Who knows? Who should we call? He said “only my mom, and your parents know!

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Let’s go for a walk to soak in this moment” okay! Walking along, I see two of my besties hiding in a bush! *emotional, crying, happy tears, hugs* I run up to them and we celebrate and cry together! These friends were Gina and Lulu. I have another best friend named Amy (from Kentucky) who I haven’t seen in two years. Gina tells me we need to FaceTime Amy because she was so sad she wasn’t able to make it for this big day! We FaceTime Amy and I see she’s hiding in what looks like bushes, so I look up and see her walking down the stairs towards me!!! OMG, all of my besties are here to celebrate! Wow, Wes! I was seriously on cloud 9!

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We do a photoshoot on the beach and Wes says it’s time to head back home and celebrate with my parents and his mom! We get back in the car and head back towards my house. The exit to get to my house comes up, and Wes passes it. I tell him “alright well I’m assuming the surprise is continuing??” He takes me to Cordevalle in Morgan Hill and he set up a surprise engagement party with all of our closest family and friends!! I can’t even begin to explain the happiness I felt that day and night! It was the most beautiful day, so perfect in so many ways! And it was the start of forever with my best friend. That day we closed chapter 1 of our lives of dating, and started chapter 2, engagement!!

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After all of this, I found out that Wes had taken my friends shopping on Thursday night, the night before the engagement to pick out my outfit(s) for the day of the proposal, and they all went out to dinner! And I had no idea. And he had my co-workers in on the proposal as well. This is why my boss let him in the building and let me have the afternoon off! I love them all so much for this and all they did. I love Wes for loving me so much to seriously go all out for the most amazing proposal I could’ve ever asked for!

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Family and friends are so important to me and Wes made sure to include everyone in on the big secret! It was been a really hard year on us. Wes’ dad passed away in a car accident back in April and we went through hell. This proposal brought out excitement and happiness that’s been missing from our lives for quite a while! If I could’ve asked for anything to be different on our proposal day, I would’ve asked for Wes’ dad to be there with us to celebrate that day!

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Special Thanks

Aaron Bowles
 | Photographer