Regina and JK

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How We Met

JK: Regina and I met back in 2010, when we were both facilitators for a freshmen camp group in SMU. There were supposed to be three facilitators per group, but luckily for me the third guy didn’t show up :P

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how they asked

As JK and Regina shares a love for travelling, JK had always wanted to propose overseas. He ultimately decided on South Korea for the proposal destination because they would have been there, just in time for the cherry blossom season. JK said, “I wanted to propose with cherry blossoms as the backdrop, but had also wanted a quiet and intimate place.”

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However, this being his first trip to Seoul, JK was completely unfamiliar with the city. But OneThreeOneFour photographers Gayun and Jacob, came to his help and recommended a list of potential proposal spots, and the location that Jie Kai ultimately decided upon, Seonyudo Park, was “everything he could have possibly wanted!”

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Shortly arriving at Seonyudo Park, JK got down on his knees and started on his proposal speech before whipping out the ring.

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JK later shared with us, “even in the midst of my proposal speech, I could hear them crashing through the bushes to get the perfect angle”. After receiving the photos, JK added, “the proposal photos turned out beautifully – with the cherry blossoms behind us making it a moment that we would never forget”.

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