Regina and Eric

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How We Met

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 18, it was June 14, 2008, and I just got home from school. My best friend wanted nothing more than to hang out with this guy from history class- and I wanted nothing more than to stay home and be a lazy teenager. She begged me to tag along for about an hour before I caved in. They promised I wouldn’t be “third wheel” because he would bring his friend. His friend… who was described to me as the “Spanish Justin Timberlake.” To be honest- I left my house that day just to witness what that looked like! Well, they weren’t kidding. A handsome 20 year old walked right up to me to introduce himself, and I immediately wished my hair was done.

After a couple hours of talking, jokes, laughing, and AIM screen name exchanging, Eric was my new crush.

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how they asked

We traveled to Italy to visit my dad’s family. It was Eric’s first time there and he definitely made it memorable. After spending all day on the beach in Rodi, he decided it was a perfect day that should be paired with the perfect night. The whole family had dinner by the water, followed by gelato by the pier. We hung out by the bar area until the expected fire works. As we watched the fire works, I could feel an energy (mostly from my parents) that flicked a switch for me. There’s no way he brought a ring all the way over here- I kept telling myself. Just forget it- I kept telling myself. So I did.

During the finale of the fireworks, I feel eric taking steps behind me and I freeze. All of a sudden I feel someone tap me. I turn around and the love of my life is on one knee. I think I went deaf for 30 seconds. I look to the right and my dad is crying. I look to the left and my mom is screaming. I look down and I know that man is mine, but is this my life? It was the most surreal moment of my life.

Eric had the perfect words, at the perfect time, with my perfect ring. After 9 years, he can still sweep me off my feet. He explained how I was his best friend and needed to spend the rest of his life with me. YES, was what I said in return.