Regan and Tug

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How We Met

Tug was a guy that I was always intrigued by throughout my time at Texas A&M, but it wasn’t until November 2017 that Tug made a move and asked me on a date. He took me to Matt’s El Rancho, my favorite restaurant in Austin. As we scarfed down some queso and talked about what God had taught us through young life and ministry, I immediately knew there was something different about Tug than any other man I’d met. After dinner, we stumbled upon Shane Smith and the Saints in East Austin– one of Tug’s favorite bands. When we came to the concert we realized they were sold out so we began to head back to the car. Then a couple approached us and asked if we wanted their tickets and got to go to the concert for free!

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how they asked

After just 3 months of dating (when you know, you know) Tug planned to ask me to marry him on the upper part of the dock that sits in my backyard– little did he know that this was a place I had always wanted to be engaged at! He hid on the staircase out of sight while my sister and dad tricked me into going out back to “fix the oil on the boat” before we left for dinner. When I walked up closer, Tug emerged from the staircase. In that moment, I knew what was happening.

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Overcome with emotion and joy, I walked with my dog Bentley alongside her to meet a hug from Tug (lol rhyming) where we stayed a little while. Bentley ran off, and Tug walked me to the outer part of the deck where he told me how much he loved me, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Afterward, we sat giggling and talked for half an hour before going back to my house where friends, family, and Mexican food awaited us!

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Special Thanks

Parker Ercums
 | Photographer