Regan and Luke

Proposal Ideas Keystone, Colorado

How We Met

Luke & I met at Texas A&M (WHOOP!) 3 years ago through my college best friend (who had been Luke’s high school best friend), immediately broke up with our then-significant others (the Turkey Drop strikes again), & the rest is history.

How They Asked

Fast forward 3 years. My family went on a ski-trip this Christmas break. I’ll skip the altitude sickness & dislocated shoulder & get right to the juicy part. My fam spent the AM of the proposal sledding; around 11, we decided we’d head back to our condo. On the walk, we started planning the rest of our day. Luke immediately suggests we take family pictures at Sapphire’s Point since that day would be the only sunny one we’d have in Colorado &, therefore, would be conducive for nice family photos. I nod politely but kind of shrug off the idea there’s no way my dad would go for that. He had already paid for our lift tickets & Poppa B was not going to waste his precious ski time! We took a quick poll & to my surprise, everyone voted for Luke’s idea! I continued to be stubborn as we walked into our condo & stated I would be taking pictures in my ski clothes so I wouldn’t waste time changing into them when we came back.

After 30 mins of being difficult, my family finally convinces me to take a shower & look decent for pictures (thank gosh!!). We (my mom, dad, younger sister, Luke, & I) drive over to Sapphire’s Point & hike to the top of the mountain. We make it to the peak & Luke asks my mom to snap a pic of the 2 of us. As we pose, he turns, grabs both of my hands & begins reminding me of all the special moments we’ve shared over the past few years like our first kiss, first trip, celebrating getting into nursing school and him landing his first job, etc. (well, I think..I blacked out for a minute). He gets down on one knee & pops the 4-worded question. My response? “YES! YES! YES!” It was the most magical day with the most magical man in the most magical place. I’m SO glad I showered!

Regan and Luke's Engagement in Keystone, Colorado