Regan and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I met at Temple University in August of 2013. Kevin was moving in with one of our mutual friends. My friend (and bridesmaid!) Lilli and I were at one of the local pubs the weekend before our Senior Year of college was going to kick off when Kevin & his new roommate came and sat down with us.

Lilli was chatty and talking about how “Regan and I do this and Regan and I do that” when Kevin asked “There’s another Regan? I have to meet her.” After a few blonde moments and a minute to realize that Kevin Regan was sitting across from me, I realized I should probably tell him I was that Regan. “My name’s Regan,” I said, as he just stared at me, probably confused as to why it took so long for me to make this whole connection.

All of us ended up hanging out together for the rest of the night. Kevin and I both talked about how we weren’t looking for relationships and just wanted to enjoy the senior year of college but that changed pretty quickly. After that night we spent all the time we could together.

One thing you have probably picked up on by now is our name thing. Since the day we first met every person has said to us “If you were to marry him, you’d be Regan Regan.” Well, he made it happen!

Regan and Kevin's Engagement in St Pete Beach, FL

How They Asked

This past November (2018) I planned Kevin a birthday vacation to visit my family down in Florida with 4 of his best friends. On Saturday (November 3rd) we were set to meet my family for happy hour at our favorite rooftop bar.

A little back story on the bar & why it means something to us. In January of 2014, Kevin came to Florida to meet my family for the first time, my grandfather gifted us dinner at the revolving restaurant all the way at the top. You get a 360-degree view of the beach and surrounding area. It is the BEST place to watch a sunset. We ate until we couldn’t walk. Kevin and I have gone back to the restaurant every time we’ve been together in Florida since.

Going back to November 3rd: We pulled into the parking lot of the hotel/restaurant to park before our sunset happy hour and sure enough, there was a wedding and nowhere to park. The very miserable parking attendant told us we couldn’t park there. If you know me, you know that this annoyed me. Funny enough I found out later my mom had texted Kevin telling us to avoid the parking lot for that exact reason.

We dropped the boys off and Kevin and I went to park the car. After doing so, we got on the elevator to go up to the 11th floor, we got up there with the perfect time for the sunset, my whole family was sitting there waiting for us. Super confused I said, “why is everyone dressed so nice?” I thought after a happy hour we were going back to my mom’s house to have Kevin’s birthday BBQ and jump in her pool. (Hence why my hair looked crazy). Little did I know that would actually be an engagement bbq!

The waiter came around and asked everyone what the wanted to drink. Now listen here, I panic when I’m flustered so when the waiter asked me I just blurted out “Strawberry Daiquiri, Please” I didn’t want that but I also knew I could sip on it and thought it would be fine. Once I got my drink (and was spooning whipped cream from my daiquiri in my mouth *eye roll*) and everyone was sitting and chatting I looked over at Kevin. He was sitting on the edge of his chair, digging in his pocket with a massive grin. Naturally, this was my time to shine and give him a dirty look, haha. He got down on one knee and pulled out a little black box and said: “So just one question, will you marry me?” Shocked & crying as you can imagine and with SO MUCH whipped cream in my mouth I managed to utter “YES” when I looked over his shoulder, my father, my grandmother from New York AND Kevin’s parents was standing behind him” cue the waterworks even more.

It was the easiest question I have ever answered and the perfect proposal and night with all of my favorite people.

Where to Propose in St Pete Beach, FL

Walking In (My Mother took this from the rooftop).

Mouth Full of whipped cream.

Our favorite people in one place!

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