Regan and Jeffrey

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How We Met

We met September of 2014 at a mutual friend’s tailgate on an FSU game day. It consisted of a handshake, smile, and small talk.

We were both seeing other people at the time. I already was a Young Life leader in town and Jeffrey got asked to join the new Young Life College team. So we started to see each other often. One night at small group I was telling my girlfriends that one of my main actors dropped out of my film and that I needed prayer. A girl mentioned asking “Jeffrey McFarland”. So I got his number and asked. He wanted to help out so bad but declined (now looking back I am SO glad he didn’t take the roll LOL).

After an annual Christmas party, I went home with my roommate and we were talking in the living room. I got a text from Jeffrey saying “hey do you know of any coffee shops that are open late?”… I replied and told him. Then I get a phone call from him asking if I want to go to a coffee shop with him right then… (keep in mind its 10:30pm…) but of course I went. He took me to a local coffee shop and we talked till 2:30am. It was amazing. The store closed and we just sat outside at a table. After that night he asked if I would like to go on a date with him. He was honest, intentional with how he felt, and made me feel like a woman. Our first date was dreamy. We went to a fancy local pizza place, the Tallahassee Christmas parade, watched the Noles win the ACC championship with friends, and ended the night sneaking onto the very tip top of Doak Campbell Stadium where the Noles play. I remember thinking “dang I like this kid”.

The rest was history. We love adventures, exploring, coffee shops, photo/video, music, etc! Jeffrey has pursued me like no other guy has ever in my life. He is the most intentional, caring, adventurous man of God. Our whole relationship has been full of adventure and I am SO thankful that the Lord put him in my life.

how they asked

Jeffrey took me to one of my favorite places. We had a picnic there over a year ago over-looking the canyon and he had packed all of my favorite Trader Joes snacks. It was the sweetest. So he wanted to recreate that. On our way to the canyon it was pouring rain and I fell asleep. But right when we got there, the rain instantly stopped. It was incredible. We hiked to the very tip top of the canyon and he told me to turn around and look off at the canyon so he could take a picture of me.


This was quite normal for him because he loves taking photos of me. He then said “okay got it!” and I turned around and he was on one knee. He said the sweetest words and asked me to be his wife. I cried.

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The ring was a little big but it is from his Great Grandmother, which is extra special (and we got it sized the next day!).

When we drove back to my house he had planned a huge surprise party with all my friends (some who traveled in!) and my family. I cried more. I have never felt SO loved in my entire life on that day.