Regan and Devin

How We Met

We had known each other since 5th grade from church, although we never physically spoke to each other besides MySpace messages and phone calls. He ended up moving to South Carolina in 7th grade since his dad was military, but that didn’t stop us. This was a reoccurring thing for over 8 years. Countless phone calls and text messages, packages being sent, always making sure to stay part of each other’s lives for years and years. We had a mutual friend of ours named Derek and he always would tell us that he knew one day we would end up together. He always loved Devin and I together and he was one of the only positive people on our relationship with each other. But unfortunately the timing was just never right with us. When he was single, I was caught up on an ex of mine and when I was over my past, he had started a future with someone else. It almost seemed like he was going to be the one that got away. I always felt like in the back of my mind he was who I was intended on spending forever with.

Well, come May of 2016 that mutual friend of ours, Derek, passed away. We never saw it coming and never ever expected to get the terrible news. But if anything could ever come from his passing, it’s the fact that it ended up bringing us both together in the most beautiful way you could ever imagine. The whole time he was in town, we ended up really falling in love. And this time it was just a reassurance that everything from 5th grade leading up until that day was real and it actually meant something. At that point I knew that for the first time in over 8 years, our timing was finally RIGHT.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ko Olina, Hawaii

how they asked

So we have this journal I guess if you want to call it that, and we write in it pretty regularly. Usually we will hide it in the fridge or in the laundry basket- somewhere we know where the other person will find it.

Well, Devin had told me he wanted to take me to a nice breakfast with some friends of ours. Right before we were about to walk out the door, he said they had called and canceled so it was just going to be us two. I initially didn’t want to go because we had just moved to Hawaii not even 6 months ago, and I knew he had kept stressing to me how tight money was. But despite me trying to get us to stay home he kept reassuring me that since we both got all dressed up and woke up so early it would be fine.

So we get to the restaurant and it’s in a resort area over looking the ocean. It’s a beautiful view and the staff was all super friendly when we walked in. We get seated and order our food, you know the usual stuff you do when you go out to a place. And towards the end of our meal, our waitress walks out with our journal, OUR JOURNAL on a little stand with flowers circling around it. He basically wrote the sweetest thing he’s ever said on those two pages and had me flip the page to the end where in big, bold letters was “Will you marry me” and before I could even finish reading it he was down on one knee proposing! I was so in shock and just couldn’t believe that it had all happened just so fast. Of course I said yes!!