Regan and Brady

how we met

While attending the University of Tennessee, Brady and I were both at a party where we had mutual friends. This was my sorority sister’s 21st birthday, and he just so happened to get invited from another one our friends. I was playing beer pong, but my partner left me and I was on my own. The ball went rolling into the circle of the only guys at the party, so of course I had to ask one of them to be my partner. Game after game, we dominated any opponent. We got to know each other as we continued to win and eventually I gave him a game winning hug during our last game. As everyone started to leave, Brady asked for my number and of course I gave it to him! This wouldn’t be the end though. Like a true gentlemen, he wanted to know if I made it home okay. So he broke the three day rule and txted me. The text sent and he saw the infamous green bubble txt appear, knowing full well I had an iPhone. He thought it was over, done for. But Brady is a hopeful person. He thought, maybe her phone is dead or maybe she gave me the wrong number. So he followed me on Instagram and within minutes I accepted. Later, he was convinced to like an older photo of mine to see if I’d reciprocate. And I did, because I really liked him and wondered why I hadn’t heard from him yet. I had a terrible feeling that I MIGHT HAVE given him the wrong number…. by the end of the weekend he messaged me through Instagram and come to find out I in fact typed in my number wrong. We planned our first date, and the adventure hasn’t stopped since :)

how they asked

Brady is a romantic, although he’d never admit it. The summer of 2019 was coming to an end and Brady was due to leave our city of Nashville to head back to Knoxville for graduate school… Masters in Accounting. We barely spent time apart from each other, and now we would go weeks before a next visit. It wasn’t the end of the world, but Brady wanted to do something special while he would be away. So every week he would write me a letter about his favorite memories of dating. After 13 letters, he told me that he was coming home and that I need to make sure I’d be home to see him. Of course I would be! So we planned a glorious date to Arrington Vineyards. We packed an amazing picnic, bought two wine flights, and made our way to a spot overlooking the beautiful vineyards. After we finished eating, we took a walk through the rows and rows of vines. He said he wanted to give me the final letter. But this time, he read it to me. He summarized the previous letters, and then told me about the future he wanted together. Then, he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him :). His brother snuck in to the vineyard to snap pictures as it all happened!

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